Me and My Nine Iron

January 13, 2010

Oh, the injustice!

Army Slaps Criminal Charges Against Single Mom Who Refused Deployment: A soldier who refused to deploy to Afghanistan on November 5, after a superior told her that her ten-month-old son would be put into foster care since she had no one to care for him, has been charged with missing movement, being absent without leave, dereliction of duty and insubordinate conduct.

A sad situation that I view inevitable. I see myself doing the same thing if I were a single mother because another way of looking at it is sacrificing your child for your country, even if it is temporarily. That’s asking a lot from a mother. Personally, I love my country. But I can’t see a circumstance, this one included, where I would put it before my child.

Now, I can see the crazies thinking up unrealistic propositions for the normal person like myself. For example, “What if someone was going to kill your child if you didn’t tell them the password to the national security system?” I’d say, “I’d never get caught in the first place.” But really, I’m sure you’d factor in how old your child is among other things. But what are we talking about killing babies for? Back to the story.

I can see where the Army’s coming from. You can say why did the 21-year-old serving in the Army have a child when it was feasible she was going to be put in this predicament? But I won’t even touch that. I’m not versed in our military legalese with obligations and that sort, but I’m assuming it’s hard as hell to get out of an arranged deployment. Thus, the charges are textbook for anyone refusing to go. Maybe they can add a clause to extraordinary circumstances like this, but those with a military background can feel free to elaborate here.

Bank execs defend bonuses after federal help, apologize for bad choices:

You know the other three feel the exact same way Morgan Stanley's John Mack feels inside.

During the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Hearing Wednesday, Wall Street executives underestimated the severity of the financial crisis and regretted people losing money from their decisions. If that doesn’t make your blood boil, maybe this will. Goldman Sachs secretaries make $200K a year.

From a friend: What would happen if Pinocchio said that his nose would grow? (Answer to be provided on the next post. Sorry, no prizes.)



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