Me and My Nine Iron

January 15, 2010

Tough times

Animals and earthquakes: Video footage was recorded of a dog bolting out of a room no more than three seconds before the Northern California quake hit last week, reinforcing the belief that animals can feel earthquakes before humans can. Three seconds. That’s enough time for me to scratch my balls before I’m in the same predicament than I was without Lassie.

Disapproval for Obama: President Obama’s job approval rating from CBS News was 46 percent this month, marking the first time he’s been south of 50 percent in its poll. After the release, Sarah Palin was spotted typing up her resignation letter for Fox News.

More military spending along the way: The 2011 budget request for the Defense Department would top $700 billion for the first time. Among the things they plan to spend the money on are putting all Nigerians on the “No Fly List,” extra security for the first dog, Bo and the war with Fox.

Oh, Texas: The state board of education will soon adopt new classroom standards that will determine how history is taught for the next decade. Among the interesting topics considered were Bill Gates, Texas native Mary Kay, Texas’ first Mexican-American female legislator and Sikhism – the world’s fifth-largest religion. Moments later, Warren Buffet, blacks and Atheists demanded to be considered as well.

Answer to yesterday’s riddle: He landed on Boardwalk. OMG, I know. I know. That’s a Google interview question by the way. Check out 29 more here.



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