Me and My Nine Iron

February 10, 2010

My $9,000 doll

Guys, meet Roxxxy, the world’s first sex doll with a replicated personality. Showcased at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last month, the 5-foot-7-inch doll can virtually hold a conversation, replicate human movements and has five preset character personalities. Did I mention she’s a sex doll? All for the cool price of $7,000 to $9,000.

I don’t know what’s a bigger ripoff: this or the Segway?

I’m sure most of us have heard that a penny actually costs more than one cent to make – the cost is 1.8 cents. Did you know a nickel costs 9 cents to coin? Now, how mad would you be if I told you we waste $100 million annually on this alone?

The trial of a 2008 murder got pushed back to next Wednesday because a Vietnamese man remains hospitalized on suicide watch. He admitted to strangling his 71-year-old mother to death after the aspiring pharmacist got fed up over his mom wanting him to become a doctor.

This is one of those news I want to share with my mom but am afraid of the ideas that might pop into her head. Like asking her how she feels about California legalizing marijuana.

One thing you might find surprising about UC Irvine: Israeli-Palestinian relations are about as hostile as race relations during the L.A. riots. Having a speaker on campus and not expecting constant, interrupted outbursts from the other side throughout the speech is plain ignorant. Latest case in point: Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren‘s visit to campus on Monday.



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