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February 24, 2010

Fast food review

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Every time I see a commercial for a new fast food item, I want to try it. Unfortunately, I rarely actually do. Yesterday, I promoted Jack in the box‘s free grilled sandwich special, and I’m happy to say, “Here is my fast food review.”

$4.19. The price of a grilled sandwich at a fast food joint. I don’t understand the logic behind that pricing. Are they trying to compete with Carl’s Jr.’s $6 burger for highest-priced fast food items? As far as non-dollar menu items go, I’d probably be quick to classify them all as overpriced, and I’m telling you I wouldn’t pay more than the $2.01 I paid for the large drink (which probably has a serving size of 8).

I tried both the Turkey, Bacon, & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich and the Deli Trio Grilled Sandwich, with the former being better. The main knock on the Deli Trio is that it’s salty, but the pickles are pleasant (if you like them) and I will praise the toastiness to perfection. It’s not that the portions are small that I hate the pricing, I’m sure you could do much worse when eating out for lunch, but it’s just unspectacular for me to get again at that price.

I also played around with Jack’s “office” and found that he’ll make a call for you, if you know what I mean. I’ve yet to be daring enough to try this with anyone, but let me know if you do.

Back to my running experience real quick. So we had to pick up our packet at

AKA rash preventer.

the Pasadena Convention Center the day before the race, and there were booths everywhere selling their health products. I don’t have running shoes, but I was thinking I’m not going to buy a new pair just for this event nor will I suffer any foot injuries from running 3.1 miles. I came across anti-chafing sticks, and I made a cheap joke about it as I walked on. My feet are fine, but guess who got the last laugh.




  1. I might have heard some negative reviews on their sandwich, but it’s not $4.19, is it?

    Comment by BJ — February 25, 2010 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

  2. I can’t imagine Jack’s grilled cheese being any more disappointing than In-n-Out’s.

    Comment by Chris — February 25, 2010 @ 11:05 am | Reply

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