Me and My Nine Iron

March 6, 2010

Bad debt, worse donation

The people of Iceland voted against repaying $5.3 billion to Britain ($3.5 billion) and the Netherlands ($1.8 billion) after those governments compensated the funds in their accounts after their own banks failed in October 2008. The deal would require each person to pay around $135 a month for eight years — the equivalent of a quarter of an average four-member family’s salary.

Considered a relatively small amount compared to the amount of cash being thrown around by the giants, like the U.S. bailing out AIG with $182.5 billion, I would think there would be some courtesy in attempting to pay them back. This is being decided by a vote by Icelanders? Really? When was the last time a country agreed to give money willingly? I hope that’s the last time they get bailed out.

Orange County is awarding its first-ever traffic case of the year on Friday, to be bestowed upon the Huntington Beach police traffic team working on the case of a 14-year-old bicyclist killed by a driver texting and on drugs in November. I wonder how it would feel to be the victim’s family in this case. A little disrespectful, perhaps?

And speaking of closure, or lack thereof, how about the civil lawsuit Fred

The suit.

Goldman rang up trying to collect on O.J. Simpson‘s “not guilty” suit? Surprisingly, all of the comments ripped Fred for continuing to bring up issues and not letting his son rest in peace.

I’m sorry, but if you owe me $33.5 million, and I know you have it, I’m coming after you every petty way possible. Unfortunately, a settlement was made on Monday to donate the acquittal attire to the Smithsonian, which is inexplicably stupid, if you ask me.

OK Go, known for their wildly popular music videos, is at it again, debuting their new video for “This Too Shall Pass” on Monday. Not as catchy a song as “A Million Ways” or “Here It Goes Again,” I think the already over 5 million hits are attributed to the following of the Rube Goldberg Device.



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