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April 3, 2010

Pre-Hong Kong trip

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Tonight, I embark on a seven-day trip to Hong Kong for my sister’s second/international wedding reception. Apparently, my parents don’t care for their daughter’s homecoming celebration of their own. But seriously, this is more dragged out than people trying to celebrate their birthday for the entire month. She got married back in October.

Unlike my family, today’s the first day that I’m actually excited for the trip, being the stoic person that I usually am. I find the “dreadful” 13.5-hour flight the most exciting part of the trip, forcing my sister and brother-in-law to spend some overdue time with me, where the only asylum for them is the heavily undersized lavatory. (Speaking of which, I really hope I don’t have to take a shit in there like last time. It’s more uncomfortable than going in a public restroom and having the crack in between the door so big, you might as well forego closing the door, as the creepy dude locks eyes with you in the mirror with one hand on your crotch.) I’ll have lost the entire day Sunday “Up in the Air,” hoping for a flight attendant to ask me if I’d “like a can, sir.” To which I’ll reply, “I already have one.” 😀

When we arrive Monday, the forecast is showers with scattered thunderstorms, with a high of 78 and humidity somewhere close to the current 83%. Sucks like Florida, I know. In fact, that’s the forecast for the entire seven days we’ll be there, but fingers crossed, that won’t deter us too much from doing what we want to do.

Much thanks to Charles for taking us to and from LAX, especially tonight at 11p, despite the fact that he’s unaware of the existence of my blog.



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