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April 14, 2010

Fast food review

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Today’s edition of Fast Food Review is dedicated to KFC’s new Double Down sandwich, which made its debut on Monday. Essentially a bacon sandwich with fried (or grilled) chicken in lieu of the bread, most consumers agree this wouldn’t be a bad way to go out, if one were to via eating.

Priced at $4.99 plus tax (or $6.29 for the meal, which includes fries and a drink), you get a decent amount of meat, with a price relative to those of other fast food combos.

First impression: Deceivingly big. I know I shouldn’t fall for that when it comes to fast food items, but the giant-looking fried chicken in the pictures is about the size of my undersized palms. Also, I have to open up my sandwich to find one or two measly strips of bacon. Already disappointed.

First bite: A hanging piece of fried chicken, which tasted soggy and drenched in oil. As I’ll come to learn, it’s much better with the melted Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheeses.

Verdict: Despite all the knocks, I can’t deny that I enjoyed dunking the fairly thick filets in ranch and gnawing away. The portion is surprisingly content for a “sandwich” and is an item I would recommend for those needing some assurance before trying it for the first time.

Up next: Taco Bell’s Tortada and Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (for $.89!).



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