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May 8, 2010

Hello, neighbor!

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It’s always exciting when you hear the horrendous sound of tires burning followed by a loud boom you can’t mistake for anything other than a car accident. Unless you’re my mom, in which yesterday’s case, she thought it was a loud sound from the neighbors’ gardeners.

It’s not the first time I heard this from my room, as there have been several speeding accidents in the past year in the slow, one-lane zone just outside my neighborhood. The first thing I did was look out my bedroom window facing the neighborhood not expecting to see the accident, but to my amazement, I saw one of my neighbor’s garage bashed in. I just managed to catch a flying motorcycle helmet come to rest all the way out in the street before the male neighbor came out of the big hole in the garage unhappily like The Incredible Hulk would make an appearance.

Had he driven his motorcycle into his garage in a violent rage? It wasn’t out of the question, given the suspicion me and my neighbors sense from that household. There are a number of question marks with them – the type that I would say, “Yeah, I could totally see that,” if interviewed if there were any looming clues or suspicions after the domestic murder-suicide played out.

First of all, we don’t even know how many people live in that house. There seems to be a couple and another female who’s rarely seen leaving the house, almost held captive like Jaycee Dugard. That would make three. Before anyone drove to the scene and with no extra cars than are usually there, out came another pair, two infants and the grandmother for a total of eight family members. To have eight people live in a house isn’t newsworthy, but the relationship of the members raises questions, to say the least.

It doesn’t seem as though any of them holds a standard job either, as I see them outside during the day. Yet, these Korean neighbors in their 30’s manage to drive a BMW 750iL (over a $100K car), a Lexus RX (one of the pricier SUV’s you can own), an extra car and a virtually unused street motorcycle. And just last week, one of the girls was heard by all of us screaming incoherently like a possessed demon before storming out in her RX. Like I said, very suspicious.

As it turns out, their next-door neighbor backed their Mercedes Benz into their garage. Then, all the discussion switched from the suspicious neighbor to how senile the culprit’s become, as a few of us catch him too frequently driving back to his house a minute or two after he leaves, only to turn back around and leave again. My neighbor said he’s obsessed with his house, but I’ll side with my mom’s theory in that he just checks if he closed his garage that much.

To back out of their garage into their next-door neighbor’s required that car to come out of the corner and make a 45-degree turn before burning rubber. Quite a mistake to hit the accelerator instead of the brake for that long, but then why was the car headed in that direction in the first place?

Over an hour later, a motorcycle officer arrives, and much later after, the fire trucks start pouring in. Not two or three, as if that wasn’t unnecessary already. Five fire trucks in total, including the big one with the multistory-able ladder, whose length can almost cover the entire front of a suburban home. Add the Urban Search and Rescue vehicle and three Fullerton Fire pickup trucks, and you’d think you’d be at the scene of the largest industrial blaze the city’s ever seen. All for a car crashed into a garage.

After all the pizzaz died down, four fire trucks left, and the rest were cutting wood like they were spontaneously determined to have their own version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for this poor family. They built several wooden posts to keep the roof above their heads, as the car took out the central wooden post in the garage and both garage doors like it was a trained terrorist destruction of a house garage gone right.

After all the “rescue” had been done, this was just the beginning. The news stations sent in their cameramen and reporters, and a helicopter hovered overhead for twenty minutes, as they captured their live bit, which you can see here. The Ch.2 and 9 van was said to have been there along with Al Naipo from Fox 11 News. Only after the NBC van packed it in and left at about 11:30p was the hoopla over for the day – almost 11 hours later.

A number of curious assholes made their way to the cul-de-sac today to check out the Mercedes in the door-less garage, which they kept in there for whatever reason.

Oh, and we later found out that the driver was the old man’s wife. No wonder we never see her drive anywhere.




  1. Is that investigative journalism? The body of work seems to overlap with that of a private investigator. Either way, good advice.

    Comment by Bryan — May 10, 2010 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

  2. I’m more intrigued by the shady, mysteriously well-off neighbors. You should investigate. Follow them, see where they go, find out what they do. Snoop around their house and backyard. Investigative journalism, if you will.

    Comment by Chris Le — May 9, 2010 @ 11:16 am | Reply

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