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May 10, 2010

Marrakesh review

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For Mother’s Day dinner, the family took my mom out to Marrakesh in Costa Mesa, a Moroccan restaurant. When I looked at the menu online, it didn’t look all that appealing, especially at those prices. I was told that we would eat with our hands like the spicy food Ben Stiller‘s character ate in Along Came Polly, which sounded pretty cool but ended up not holding entirely true (we were provided forks).

The decor and ambiance resembled that of a Persian restaurant – native music and a belly dancer, who my mom didn’t fail to point out that she had a belly. Leave it to moms, but then again, it was her day. Waiters wore the red hat that one dude in Aladdin wore, and all were in excess of six feet in height, which made me wonder if I should have been eating this stuff during childhood.

The menu’s very simple; there are only five entrees that differentiate the five-course meal served family-style, which are as follows.

  1. Vegetable soup, which was delicious.
  2. Traditional Moroccan salad (cucumbers, tomatoes and potato salad) with bread and eggplant, also very fresh and tasty.
  3. Bastilla Filo dough with chicken, eggs and almonds. The start of the decline of my dining experience. It was a bit too sweet for a meaty dish.
  4. We ordered the Marrakesh Mixed Grilled, which is shrimp, chicken & lamb kabobs over Couscous covered with vegetables and raisins. We each had three pieces of each on three kabobs, the only standout one being the lamb. It was so well-cooked, it wasn’t until after I had eaten it that I mistook it for beef. The shrimp tasted funky and well, who likes Vegan rice?
  5. Dessert was mint tea, which we all described as drinking toothpaste, chocolate covered strawberries and Baklava. The Baklava was a sweet treat, which I’m sure sweets lovers would like.

The food was nothing excellent, but we were all satisfied in the end. The restaurant denied my $50 gift certificate because it was a “special occasion,” which was pretty weak. Total price including tip and valet service = about $43 per person. They included two $10 vouchers with the bill, either of which, of course, can’t be included with other offers. I don’t see myself going here again, let alone six times, which is the number of gift certificates I now own.

Do I recommend this place? It’s a decent high-end place to try one time or one you can skip. Nothing more.

Rating: 3 stars out of four



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