Me and My Nine Iron

August 6, 2010

Just so you know

  • This is why I don’t vote. The popular vote means nothing in the country where our leaders boast of our great democracy. George W. Bush was elected president despite Al Gore having over half a million more votes in 2000. And, Proposition 8 only reaffirms my belief.

Over 7 million people took the time to have their voice heard, to stand up for what they believe in, only to have it be all for naught. A few people overturning a state law (Arizona immigration law) and a few more overturning what 7 million people want, this country isn’t unlike any other, where only a few people rule the country, not “We the People.”

  • My dad has been complaining lately about how slow our internet service is. We’ve had Time Warner Cable for over ten years now because until recently, that’s all that was available in our area. And, that’s exactly why they treat their customers the way they do, but it seems like they haven’t caught on to the fact that technology and time are allowing us these other options now, other services where we don’t have to be pushed around anymore by a company with no competition.

No, we don’t have DSL available yet, which my dad says is unbelievably faster, where he uses it at his office. And, I won’t argue with him when he says that our 768k speed is slower than dial-up so of course, I got a good laugh when I saw their commercials saying they’re 13 times faster than 768k DSL. Don’t you love when advertisements don’t even compare the same packages to come up with their ridiculous claims? AT&T can make an even better statement: they’re 31 times faster than 768k cable. Good thing for AT&T U-Verse. For $6 more per month, my speed will be four times faster. Can’t wait for my friends to stop telling me that I keep disconnecting on Facebook chat when in fact, I’ve been there all along. Good riddance, Time Warner.

  • The oldest man to ever live was a 120-year-old Japanese. Reports have surfaced that this and the study that Japanese people live longer than any other ethnicity can be complete bullshit. There is a widespread problem in the country where surviving family members pretend their loved ones are still alive so that they can collect federal aid. I’m talking 20, 30 years past their deaths, which would greatly skew the average age in the country. And to think, “we should learn from their healthy tea and fish diet to live longer.” What a joke.

Let me tell you this, my parents’ birthdays are incorrect – only the birthyears are right because of half-assed recording during the Korean War. If they’re not getting records right in the mid-20th century, I’m sure as hell not believing a question mark after the birthyear from pre-19th century.

  • There have been 385 killings in Los Angeles County to date, including 12 reported in the last week. The first two went like this. 1) Subject was in a vehicle about 9p when another car pulled up and someone opened fire. 2) Subject was sitting in a vehicle about 11:30p when a person walked up and started shooting. Just so you know, bullets go through locked doors and closed windows. Think twice before you camp out in your car in a shady neighborhood. Or just think twice about going to a shady neighborhood.



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