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August 18, 2010

Mara wins coveted lead role

JetBlue is bringing back its popular “All You Can Jet” passes from last year.

This is the jetBlue CEO, not the flight attendant.

The pass is valid for flights between September 7 and October 6, and you can get either an unlimited pass for $699 or a $499 pass that excludes travel on Fridays and Sundays. The news comes one week after one of its flight attendants made national attention for cursing at a passenger over the P.A. and sliding down the emergency slide with a beer in his hand.

One of the most recently sought after jobs in Hollywood was announced on Tuesday – the lead role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which comes out in December 2011. Little-known Rooney Mara will star opposite Daniel Craig, beating out Natalie Portman, Ellen Page and Emma Watson, but perhaps, she had the upper hand; she worked with director David Fincher in The Social Network, which comes out in October.

What is this symbol?

Hint: It lights up on the instrument panel in your car. (Answer below.)

Speaking of Portman, some of us heard that she shared a kiss with co-star

Sexual tension.

Mila Kunis in the thriller, Black Swan, which comes out in December. Well, we have pictures! (Too slow, Mr. Skin.) Portman confessed she was “terrified” of kissing Kunis while Kunis has said that “Nat is like every guy’s dream.” They should just get it on.

In old news, who would have guessed Demi Moore would be jealous of hubbie Ashton Kutcher straying? Her obsession has gotten to the point where she was jealous of Kutcher’s kissing scenes with Portman in an untitled romcom set to come out in January. Kutcher pushed for the title to remain as Fuckbuddies, but that was unfortunately scrapped. He also didn’t help out his own cause when he reportedly told Demi about the young girls who will be used for “background only” in the movie, “It’s not like I’m touching. What’s the harm in looking?” Oh, Ashton. Only if we could all get away with saying that.

Answer: Low tire-pressure warning, now required to light up on all vehicles starting with the 2008 model year when one or more of your vehicle’s tires is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Don’t worry, I too am in the 33% of drivers who didn’t know or the 46% who couldn’t figure out that it even represented a tire or the 14% who thought it represented another problem with the vehicle entirely – that other problem being nothing because I had no idea, just that I’m probably fucked.




  1. I was really onto Mila after FSM, but that was just a movie crush.

    In “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” don’t forget the market for the guys as well. Daniel Craig and a binge-drinking bisexual is definitely appealing to guys, an area where Twilight lacked.

    Yeah, I have no idea how “The Social Network” would be interesting. Jesse Eisenberg’s resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg is uncanny though.

    Comment by Bryan — August 20, 2010 @ 12:37 pm | Reply

  2. my goodness, natalie portman AND mila kunis?! it just went from six to the moon. i got it bad for mila kunis right now, how she straddles the line between sexy, cute and genuinely beautiful. she might be my no. 2 behind beyonce. but don’t hold me to that.

    i didn’t hear of “dragon tattoo” until recently. i wondered, why is everyone going crazy for this movie? then i found out it was a book series similar to “twilight.” of course, tween girls and middle-aged women. hugely powerful market.

    and i’m actually looking forward to “social network.” though i have no idea how the premise could be riveting, i have faith in writer aaron sorkin and director david fincher, one of my favorites.

    Comment by Chris Le — August 20, 2010 @ 10:53 am | Reply

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