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September 12, 2010

Avatar: Special Edition review

The friend that I watched Avatar with in the theater nine months ago was waiting to watch it again in IMAX 3D when it was re-released. I myself have heard the testimonies of this movie being incredible in this format, with one girl vomiting from the experience being too vivid. With the excitement of watching a movie in IMAX 3D for the first time and with 9 extra minutes of footage, I decided at the last minute to tag along. Actually, I ended up driving the six of us, and I’m still trying to figure that one out. I will admit that the IMAX 3D is unparalleled with regard to 3D viewing. But, I guess you get what you pay for. It was $18.50 per ticket, about $4 more than a gimmicky 3D experience.

My feelings toward this movie from the first time I watched it did not change. It actually made clear what I didn’t like about it. The biggest knock I have on the highest-grossing film of all-time is the length. I don’t have a problem with long movies. If it keeps my attention, it did the job. I’ve sat through James Cameron‘s Titanic just fine, and that runs at 3 hours and 14 minutes long. I think this story can be told effectively in 2 hours and 15 minutes; the re-release is 2 hours and 51 minutes (with an additional 6 minutes when the extended DVD comes out in November).

The first hour is a solid foundation and where the first time I watched, Giovanni Ribisi‘s character was a little disconnected and a minor role, this time around, I liked the character who’s just another big shot trying to make some money in this world. Pandora, the part of the story people love, kills me. Literally. I’ve slept both times for about a half hour; don’t worry, I’ve seen the entire movie collectively. But that says something, being that I don’t remember ever falling asleep in the theater for another movie. After all, that’s money down the drain. Simply, there’s too much trying to be introduced about the Na’vi, and the humans’ attack drags out. What can be done in one day of fighting is spread out over several battles and about an hour and a half of movie time. I understand the buildup towards an epic battle scene, but this was just ridiculous.

I also don’t like how they never talked about what the use of unobtainium is. The humans’ entire purpose on Pandora is to retrieve this valuable mineral, and yet they’re not going to tell us why they need it, besides the fact that it’s worth a lot of money.

It made $10 million in three weeks of re-release with a solid theater average (top 6 every week of movies with over 100 theaters playing), but you’re not missing anything if you’ve already seen it.

Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Bruno Mars – It’s Better If You Don’t Understand

Fresh off his breakout hits which he penned, “Nothing on You” with B.o.B. and “Billionaire” with Travie McCoy, Bruno Mars released a 4-track EP in May. The only disappointing thing about it is its length because you want more. His lyrics are great, and his signature falsettos make him more listenable than Ne-Yo. His debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” comes out October 5th, and he’s kept himself relevant with his single, “Just the Way You Are.” With the track list released, I’m kind of disappointed at the short album. There are only ten tracks, including three from his E.P., where he hooks up with B.o.B. again in “The Other Side.” The one song excluded might be my favorite. Still a highly anticipated album.

Favorite track: Somewhere in Brooklyn

Rating: 5 stars out of 5



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  1. I feel asleep during “Avatar” too. I can’t believe people thought it was the best movie of the year. All the visuals world can’t save a movie from an uninteresting story, trite dialogue and unconvincing acting. That’s not to say “Avatar” was guilty of all these sins – just maybe two of them.

    Comment by Chris Le — September 14, 2010 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

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