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September 14, 2010

Handel’s Ice Cream review

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Yet another East Coast shop slowly making its way towards the Pacific, Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt opened its second California shop in Redondo Beach five weeks ago (the other’s in Upland). Ranked in various sources as one of the ten best ice cream businesses in the world(!), the local paper claimed its original Ohio location is “The Busiest Ice Cream Stand in America.” A newspaper posted on the window at its Redondo site has it first in the world while Cold Stone is 7th, to put it in perspective for us Californians. Hell, Bill Cosby is said to have it shipped to him monthly.

I checked this place out recently, and I have to say I was excited with the entire experience. A quaint stand, there are several windows to order from and a big room you can see into, where your server walks over to one of a dozen ice cream coolers and scoops the ice cream herself.

There wasn’t a line, but there were several groups licking their ice cream outside, with a steady flow of people coming. A cake cone goes for $3.50 and a 4 Scoop Sampler goes for $5.00, prices that I won’t complain about when considering Cold Stone’s prices.

I ordered a Chunky Chocolate Chip on a cake cone, a conservative choice I

Ice Cream Cakes & Pies

was told, and I would guess it’s just short of two scoops, unless it is that. The great thing though, is that the ice cream fills all the way down your cone and is a perfect balance as you go down the cone. I don’t know what makes this ice cream stand out, but it was quality so I’ll let the critics fight about it. As many flavors as there was, I had a hard time choosing one that I liked, and they didn’t have anywhere near the amount of flavors listed on their site.

I’ll definitely go again if I’m in the area, and that ice cream pie caught my eye. Serves 6-8 – forget about it.

Note to self: Eating this before my weekly hockey game can result in inertia and basically, sucking major ass.



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