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September 15, 2010

The Last Exorcism review

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The latest film in the exorcism saga follows a minister who is losing faith in what he’s believed all his life and certainly doesn’t believe in exorcisms but continues to practice because it brings in the money. He decides to carry out one final exorcism and have it all on tape for the sham that he believes it to be.

A mockumentary horror film Blair Witch-style, I loved the first 97 of the 99 minutes. While not nearly as scary as the previous ‘Exorcism’ films, I can’t deny I was tense most of the time while enjoying the minister’s confusion from these events still occurring after thinking he got the demon out of the girl.

The ending however, proved to be a colossal failure. After one crazy scene, the movie abruptly cuts out, leaving too many questions unanswered, including new ones introduced in this last scene. My initial instinct is that the writing felt lazy, as if they intended to just wrap everything up and give moviegoers something to think about. I’m not asking to have every movie hand it to me on a plate, but this was quite easily, just an awful mistake in ruining a good thing.

I read an article posted on opening weekend that feared word-of-mouth on this poor ending (See, I’m not the only one.) would crush its solid debut, but that proved wrong. I think that only works the other way, if a movie’s good and even then, not always (e.g. Going the Distance, which I’ve heard is a pretty good movie…from guys). I’ve seen far too many $100 million movies that shouldn’t have come close because no one liked it, but the crowds kept pouring in. After three weeks of release, it has made $35 million while still in the Top 10 against its $1.8 million budget. It’s still worth watching and maybe, it’s a good thing you won’t lose any sleep over it.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5



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