Me and My Nine Iron

September 16, 2010

Kabuki opening

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My favorite sushi place opened its 11th SoCal restaurant in Brea last week, and I had to go check it out. Unlike some of their other locations, they have a nice outdoor patio, which we took advantage of, and an empty pond circling all the way around. I mainly love this place because it was the first sushi place I went to in college, where a friend was a waiter at the Cerritos location. It’s also home to my favorite spicy tuna rolls to this day. Even its appearance looks nothing like you’ve ever seen; it’s creamy and brighter, almost like a dull orange color, which I’ve been told is extra mayo. Whatever it is, it’s working for them.

Believe it or not, I couldn’t finish my meal that day, and all I had was two rolls, I always get the Philadelphia Roll (salmon, cream cheese) too wherever I go, and a Beef and Chicken Teriyaki lunch combo, which comes with miso soup and salad. I’m sure I could’ve finished it if I dropped a deuce in the pond but regardless, it was a lot of food for $24.

Do you know someone where bad things always and only happen to that one person? Well for me, that person is my sister in restaurants. She always ends up with the dirty plates or with foreign things in her food that the incessant complaints have almost become annoying now. I know it sucks, but just eat through that curly hair every once in a while.

Well, it happened again that night. We went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place in Koreatown and at the end of the meal, they cook kimchi fried rice on the grill. Well, we’re digging in, and my sister spits out what looks like a clear, tiny bead from her mouth. She brings it to our waiter’s attention, and this is the best part, he picks it up from her hand and talks it over with two other waiters. He comes back, and the best he could come up with is that the salt in the seaweed sometimes solidifies and so that this rock of a bead is merely hardened salt.

Meanwhile, I surmised that it could be one of those preservation packets that look like salt packets you find in your package of seaweed and which reads, “DO NOT EAT” because it’s poison. But if that was the case, my sister tells me, then surely there would be more than one bead in the fried rice, as I proceeded to eat it all. Fortunately, they were nice enough to take off our $6.50 beer bottle. But seriously.



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