Me and My Nine Iron

November 12, 2010

To all the non-contributing zeros

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Damn, Veterans Day. A day I could’ve very well spent working but no, since some people were off, they assumed I would spend 7.5 tiresome hours helping a “friend” I never once said I’d help move do just that. Of course, we ended up needing my van too. Oh, and thanks for the Brazilian BBQ I wanted. Souplantation’s always a viable substitute for meat lovers like myself. I guess I made do with 12.5 hours of sleep and an amount for breakfast most couldn’t finish for dinner.

It was brought up that I was easy to please, and I won’t disagree with that. After all, the key to life is happiness and with lowered expectations, you can attain it easier than most. That’s not to say that I set the bar low with work performance or the prospect of a significant other, but some people spend their whole lives figuring out what’s important in life while others never do. Whether it be food or movies, traffic or technology, stop bitching and hating everything. It’s bad for your health, and it’s repulsive. Like smoking. I’m reposting this from a friend, and I found it apropos.



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  1. Erick that bastard!

    I’m in the same camp: I’m easily content. Very easily. Especially when it comes to insignificant matters like what to do on a Friday night or what kind of shampoo to buy.

    And Louis C.K. is a great comedian, particularly his stand up.

    Comment by Chris Le — November 13, 2010 @ 8:16 am | Reply

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