Me and My Nine Iron

January 21, 2011


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I’ve never even heard of this outside of my friend, who had been raving about it the past couple times we hung out. We hung out again last night, and this time, we went out of our way to find some pickle juice. They didn’t have it at Rite-Aid but had some individual packs at 7-Eleven. Go figure.

What is a pickleback, you ask? A shot of whiskey, usually Jameson, followed by a shot of pickle juice – any kind will do, I’m told. Sounds gross, I know, but when you’re promised that you won’t get a hangover the next day, wouldn’t you at least try it?

Side note: I’m told the electrolytes in the pickle juice is key; not sure if a shot of Gatorade has the same effect. I’m also told that it’s pretty dangerous how much you can take down via pickelback, and after my own study, I concur.

After three shots of Jameson, you would normally be buzzed, if not be drunk. I kid you not, I felt like I didn’t even drink. And that’s exactly how you feel after every pickelback. The salty, potent taste of pickle juice eliminates any signs of liquor being drunk, not just the pungent whiskey taste but also in body. Three shots of pickle juice, despite its unbelievable magic, became a bit much so I took the fourth shot without it and the fifth and sixth shots with half a shot of the elixir.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I had six shots of whiskey and was perfectly fine. But believe you me, I was pretty damn close to fine. Two hours later, I had a raging headache, the painful, unavoidable kind you get for trying to sober up awake and not passing out in your drunken stupor. Either that or it was the void after the fourth shot, where I feel the alcohol found its opening to do its damage.Two hours after that, after I washed up and had the runs…twice…possibly from the pickle juice, I felt the way I did after the third shot, like I didn’t even drink.

After just seven hours of sleep, at least two less than I usually get, I woke up without an alarm and with a smile on my face. The pickelback had worked.



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  1. Whoa. At first I was thinking placebo, but six shots of whiskey with no symptoms in the morning? Impressive. But I’m wondering if your double case of diarrhea purged all the alcohol from your body, preventing a hangover. Hmm. But I’m interesting in trying it out.

    Comment by Chris Le — January 21, 2011 @ 8:08 pm | Reply

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