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January 25, 2011

Donald Trump for President

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A couple of weeks ago, The Daily Beast posted an article about Donald Trump‘s possible presidential run for 2012. Every four years, Trump talks up a game like he’s going to run but never does. But because “the country has never needed help like it does now,” this time, he’s for real.

The brash billionaire has a firm position on several controversial topics, which include China, OPEC, the ongoing war and Korea, all of which I find ridiculous but not surprising given his void in political experience.


Trump wanted President Obama to call off last week’s State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao until China cleans up “the mess,” a dinner not had for the country in 13 years. Yeah, Donald, that will help with the strained ties between the two powerhouses. Did you miss the whole campaign about “change?” Trump describes the mess being China “stealing all our jobs” and how “we should tax Chinese products.” But how is that on China, who Trump blames? We as American consumers prefer cheaper products so why would you destroy the most important foreign relationship over something the American people want. Talk about being out of touch. You thought Jared Loughner was bad? Can you imagine how violent the liberals would get over something so much bigger and directly impacted than a local congresswoman?

North Korea

With regards to the attacks on South Korea and pursuing nuclear weaponry, Trump blames President Obama for not pressing China and China for not doing the following, “[China] can solve the North Korean problem with a phone call.” If only it were that easy, Donald.


Trump says that if he were president, he would simply tell the 12-country OPEC oil cartel that they aren’t going to raise [oil] prices “and they would listen.” Would that be with a phone call too, Donald?

War in Afghanistan and Iraq

Trump claims he has “a strong opinion” about what the U.S. should be doing there, but he’s not ready to share it. Off of what information, Donald? From the news you read like me and everyone else? You, as well as the rest of the American people, have no idea what’s going on over there, and you don’t even have access to the pertinent confidential information to make those decisions unless you’re the President or Julian Assange.

South Korea

Trump argues that the U.S. should demand hard cash from South Korea for protecting them from the North. “They only signed a [trade] treaty when they needed our help—even though it was a one-sided treaty in their favor. Why aren’t they paying us for protection?” I have three things to say to that. A) Sounds to me like the U.S. signed a bad deal B) How about all the other countries that we willingly protect and C) How about all the other countries that we willingly give “hard cash” to?

I highly doubt South Korea asked the U.S. for protection. We are very capable of protecting ourselves. Yes, the U.S. may be obligated to protect every innocent country to preserve its public image, but then to go and send a bill for protective services that country didn’t even ask for is ridiculous. I’m curious to hear what he has to say about countries like Haiti, where we give millions of dollars to these countries annually as welfare.

History lesson: Up to 40% of Haiti’s budget comes from foreign aid, U.S. being the biggest donor. We give millions of dollars to them annually and have given them $1.5 billion to date, with President Obama pledging $1.15 billion for the earthquake relief. Who would ever work or better themselves, as the third-world country is wisely not doing, when they’re constantly given free money?

History lesson II: I take it for granted that people have a general understanding of South Korea and its global position today, but everyday, I find myself surprised at how ignorant white America is and how I shouldn’t assume they know.

True stories:

  • To this day, white people assume I’m Chinese, as they do every Asian.
  • I was once asked, at work of all places, if I’m from South Korea, as opposed to North. Assume that everyone here is, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. We just call it Korea.
  • I recently read an online comment that said, “Korea has a government?” Dude, have you been living under a rock? We’re one of the most developed nations in the world, and we’re at least included in the top group economically and politically. In fact, our technology, namely electronics, is at least two years more advanced than the U.S., with cell phones and TVs that would make 12-year-old girls drop their skirts for one. You know how we have advertising in the tunnels of subways on a limited basis? They have that all over Korea. Same goes for the jumbotrons and flashing lights at Times Square; it’s present all over the country.
  • Trump thinks we can’t defend ourselves against North Korea. If you don’t know that, you probably don’t know the history of Korea, which alone should make you unfit to be President, as North Korea is currently one of the major foreign topics.

As if that convincing platform wasn’t enough, Trump claims that he’d represent the appearance of a model President more than the President himself. Because even the beach can’t sway the Donald from slipping into some swimming trunks and flip-flops.

Trump has already confided in friends that he will announce that he is running in June, when the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice ends. He’ll likely have to beat out Sarah Palin in the Republican primary, who many would never vote for. But unlike Palin, Trump has never even run for office, and his platform doesn’t even sound half-smart. Looks like it’ll be the last three presidential elections all over again – unpopular and picking the lesser of the two evils.



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