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March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau review

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I loved this movie, more than I can give for in its rating, which I’ll get to later. Emily Blunt is absolutely sexy in her English accent, which I think is the sexiest accent in the world. And of course with any good romantic movie, you’ll have a movie crush on her when it’s all said and done.

But know that it is a romance just as much as it’s a sci-fi action movie. Personally, I loved it and thought it was necessary to get out the gravity of the cause, but the second half of the movie gets heavy with the relationship stuff and may not only surprise you but turn you off if you were strictly looking for a thriller. It’s not.

I’m surprised a novel sci-fi idea as this hadn’t been thought up before and to me, it’s a cross between The Matrix (mystery doors) and Inception (distinguished team members working on a mission). Screenwriter George Nolfi made his directorial debut and while the shooting was unnoticeable, the vision came up a little short.

Roger Ebert puts it best when he says it’s “a smart and good movie that could have been a great one if it had been a little more daring. I suspect the filmmakers were reluctant to follow its implications too far.” Something that the Wachowski brothers and Christopher Nolan weren’t afraid to do, and the reason why their movies ran 2:16 and 2:22, respectively. The Adjustment Bureau is a short 1:45 and just didn’t scratch beyond the surface to the deeper layers in an interesting world.

That and one other thing kept this from being a 5-star movie. Like Unknown, this movie answers a lot of questions at the end. The ending itself is a believe it or don’t, there-you-have-it type ending. Personally, I can overlook and accept most explanations, even if just told in a voice-over rush as this did. While this movie did answer most all of the questions, I couldn’t help but think that the ending was a bit cheap. But that goes back to Nolfi playing it on the safe side. Overall, a very entertaining movie.

Some final notes:

  1. This is Matt Damon‘s first of five movies set to be released this year. If Margaret doesn’t come out before, his next will be an actual sci-fi thriller in October – the Steven Soderbergh-directed, star-studded Contagion. This will be Damon’s sixth movie with Soderbergh, with a seventh coming out in 2013 (Liberace).
  2. If you can’t wait until October, the thriller Limitless comes out on 3/18 and the sci-fi thriller Source Code comes out on 4/1.
  3. Blunt plays a ballerina and trained for eight weeks prior to shooting and during for eight hours a day. She should be a lock to win Best Supporting Actress, right?
  4. The trailer doesn’t do this movie justice. Neither does the one for box-office champ, Rango, which I’m sure is good but it does not look appealing.
  5. Johnny Depp as an ugly chameleon still pwns Damon at the box office.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5



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  1. I like it too. The romantic turn was fine with me, mainly because it was done well. The banter — a nice blend of flirtatious, surprising and believable — was on point. And I can’t over emphasize the chemistry between Damon and Blunt — without it, the movie would’ve bombed. In fact, I saw this movie because of faith in both Damon and Blunt and they didn’t disappointed. (And, like you, my crush on Emily is in full effect.)

    But also like you, I felt Nolfi could’ve delved deeper into the science fiction. The hat gimmick would’ve been less, well, gimmicky if it was explored — and not merely glossed over with one sentence: “That’s just one way the Chairman limits our power?” He could’ve given us an example of an agent abusing such power, even if it means more stationary exposition. And while we’re on the subject, Nolfi could’ve answered some other questions: How come there aren’t female agents? What exactly are the agents — angels, elevated humans, or other? Why were the protagonists’ plans altered in the first place; Damon and Blunt were initially meant to be together, that changed; why?

    20 additional minutes could’ve been tacked on, easy, without seeming cumberson. That said, I still liked it. Good acting and on-screen chemistry can go a long way.

    Comment by Chris Le — March 7, 2011 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

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