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April 12, 2011

Donald Trump for President Part II

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Three months ago, I wrote a post about Donald Trump‘s seriousness in running for president this time around. Well, in a recent “Today Show” interview, it was more of the same idiotic remarks he made that I had to follow up with another post.

Shockingly, the post-interview media criticism was directed at Meredith Vieira for not challenging Trump on some remarks, rather than Trump making the fallacious claims to begin with, like how “we’ll soon be paying $7 or $8 for gas.” And frankly, I don’t blame her. She has one foot out the door with her “Today” contract expiring at the end of the year, and when someone cuts you off so rudely that you’re not even able to speak as Trump did to her three times in two minutes, it’s not even worth going at it with them. Instead, it should show the type of character Trump has. And he thinks he can represent a better president than Obama.

In a recent poll, Trump’s currently second among Republican voters and first among Tea Party supporters, which is laughable when the man has no political experience. He says the whole world is laughing at us right now, and his election as the nation’s leader won’t be? I only hope he’ll be as successful in the Republican primary as Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina were in California, for the sake of not wasting a legitimate Republican candidate for the presidency.

This isn’t your mayoral or gubernatorial position, as celebrities have been elected to before. This is president of the goddamn United States and maybe, Trump should try his “business skills” in New York first before he thinks he can change the culture of the nation’s politics, which I believe Obama has sincerely tried to do but failed. It can’t be done.

But maybe, this deliberate “naivety” is all part of his great election campaign, the best part of Obama’s presidency, according to Trump. After that, it’s fingers crossed for a guy who thinks the last great president was Abraham Lincoln and whose troubling remarks about Libya imply that he would probably do the Iraq war all over again for the oil.

Trump is talking about moving this country forward, but he seems to be stuck in the past hanging onto the issue of Obama’s birth certificate and the myth that was clearly debunked about his grandmother stating she witnessed his birth in Kenya. He says he can’t believe what his private investigators in Hawaii are finding. What did they find that they still don’t have enough evidence to reveal their findings? He was either born there or he wasn’t. If they can’t prove he wasn’t, they didn’t find shit.

Trump says he’s simply waiting for his Celebrity Apprentice show to be over next month before he declares, but for the sake of this country and not the idiotic people who complain about the people they voted for, let’s hope he spends Whitman-money tenfold and loses.



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