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June 22, 2011

Atmosphere – The Family Sign review

Atmosphere – The Family Sign

It had been a long three years since their last studio album, and after the initial listen, it was another major disappointment. Brother Ali said the best track anyone under the Rhymesayers label ever made is on this album. I’m still scratching my head as to which song he’s talking about. Nothing will ever touch Trying To Find A Balance. But he lost all credibility when he said Blueprint was the best MC in the group. I almost un-liked his outspoken ass on Facebook.

Slug continues his coffeehouse poetry style he started in When Life Gives You Lemons…, and I absolutely hate it. The two-man group added a keyboard and guitar player, who completely took over the music in this album. Ant’s fiery beats are lost in the live instrumentals, which have proven successful in the past but fell flat in this album. Pushing on 39 this fall, Slug is now married with a second kid, and my friend and I agreed, the fire in this MC is gone. How much more he has to say remains a mystery. That is until…

We went to The Fox Theater in Pomona last month. We bought our tickets before the album came out, and by the time we were heading to the show, we had lost all excitement from the album’s disappointment. In a nutshell, he put on a hell of a performance, playing all the old-school hits from Lucy Ford and God Loves Ugly and performing like a young, hungry MC.

Aside: The guy behind you asking his buddy at the beginning of every song, “Is this new?” as in is this from the new album, has got to be one of the most annoying things at a show. That and singing so loudly to the only words that he does know that you can’t even hear the artist.

The song compilation on this album reminded me of Eminem‘s Relapse – five listenable songs, five straight songs to skip before playing out the last four. I wouldn’t think it’d be similar to a screenplay, having the second act be the most challenging, because tracks are largely independent of each other. But it happens so often with music albums. Slug has no plans to hang ’em up in the near future so it’ll be interesting to see his music evolve to his somewhat domesticated present.

Favorite tracks: The Last to Say, Just for Show, She’s Enough

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Perhaps, Brother Ali was just kidding when he made his outrageous claim about this as the best song ever because he’s in the music video. But still. Easily the hottest jam on the album.



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