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August 23, 2011

Donald Trump for President Part III

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Donald Trump made his declaration not to run for President three months ago, but I wanted to complete the trilogy of posts on the topic, the last of which can be seen here. Although he’s not vying for the Republican nomination, he says he could’ve won the election. Hmm. While he had ranked second in the early polls, he had dropped to next to last just one month later so I’d put money that he wouldn’t even come out with the Republican bid.

But now that Trump’s publicity stunt is over (at least until the next election), let’s revisit some of his major stances in his “Today Show” interview four months ago.

“we’ll soon be paying $7 or $8 for gas.” – The average gas price in California four months ago was $4.13. It currently sits at $3.72.

He said he would run for President because the country needs a great leader in this state of emergency. The economic outlook has not gotten better in anyone’s eyes in the last couple of months, and the Republican party lacks a strong frontrunner, a true leader, so what changed? I think the businessman realized he didn’t know anything about how to run a government.

Sarah Palin is still undecided on her intent to run, although at this late in the game and with her lack of steam within the party, it looks like she’s just another person trying to stay relevant.



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