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August 24, 2011

Racism study

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A small study was released in May where the results showed that whites believe racism against them is worse than racism against blacks and blacks believe racism against them is still more prevalent than whites think. Overall, not too surprising, if anything that whites feel more victimized than blacks do. And let’s face it, that’s nowhere close to reality.

There’s no doubt that racism exists against every race. We all have our own experiences as victims of racism. As an Asian, I can say that I too have been a victim of racism, and it’s sad because sometimes, I honestly forget I’m Asian. But then I get the cold, hard glare that says, “You’re not an All-American stud with brown hair and blue eyes. What are you doing, talking to me?”

White bitches.

I understand where white people are coming from. There’s a new perception that’s formed in the last decade where at least in the U.S., it’s whites versus everyone else. All minorities hate whites and view them as the devil, and whites that feel they have been victimized feed off that hate into something probably a little bigger than it really is, like we hear all too often from our infamous reverends, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And I know that firsthand because I have a white friend who feels that way.

Let me spew some more results to portray an interesting mentality whites have.

  • Whites believe there’s more anti-white racism than anti-black in the 2000s.
  • 11% of whites see themselves as targets of racial discrimination vs. 2% of blacks on blacks.

I will admit that there is a lot of racist name-calling and such on whites, and every other race that’s not black, that society gets away with. God forbid you use any of the dozen derogatory names to refer to black people. But if you were to poll all the races on which one race gets singled out the most, I’d be confident that it would be blacks. Based on the numerical statistic, perhaps, the whining that we perceive blacks to be on this topic should perhaps be reserved for whites.

The study goes on to talk about racial equality, where I’d like to delve into affirmative action. A hot topic since it’s been an option to choose as your argumentative essay topic in high school, it affects us with college and job placements and further. I’ve tried to understand why affirmative action is the right system to have from several friends, and I’m just not buying it.

Diversity is overrated. In what perfect system does the color of your skin determine whether you’ve been accepted, not your qualifications? If you see a board consisting of entirely white members and you start to feel sorry for yourself because you’re a minority, that’s reverse-racism. Or in other words, make-believe racism. You create the me-against-the-world mentality all by yourself (see whites above).

Another reason I’ve been told is that you get to hear the voice of someone from a different background. On the extreme level (for illustration purposes) where a total dumbass was admitted via affirmative action,I’ve never once heard a smart group of guys doing some problem-solving and the dumb guy say something so that the smart group, what, knows what not to do? They already figured that out. The only productive input is the right answer, and the simple truth is that if you’re there because of reasons other than your competitive abilities, you’re undeservedly in a position that clearly should’ve gone to someone else. The problem with it all is it’s at someone else’s expense.

Racism will never stop. Mankind is dark. But let’s not feed this disease and claim everything to be racist when they truly happened to be innocuous. I’ll start things off by letting go of the reason for the constant rejection from white girls and that they just don’t prefer Asian guys. Or at least ones that don’t have an accent.




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  3. Did something happen to you recently? lol.

    First, these kinds of studies are so stupid. I think these researchers conduct these types of inquiries to create headlines to further support their “research”. The article doesn’t make it clear, but I’m guessing the questions were something like, do you feel like you’re a target of racial discrimination? A. No, B. A little, C. Yes, D. Very Much. Are these types of questions really indicative of anything? What do the researchers mean by “racial discrimination”? or, by “target”? (these are the words the article uses) When these questions aren’t clear, the results have no meaning.

    I admit, I’m not sure of a better way to measure perceptions of racial discrimination, but this kind of publication seems unacademic, reckless even.

    Second, it’s hard to believe that only 2% of blacks feel like they are targets of racial discrimination. I wonder how they got their sample of 208 blacks? They probably mailed out the questionnaires, and c’mon, the people sending back answers are probably not representative of the group as a whole.

    Third, I think there’s room for disagreement on affirmative action. You certainly have your points and I agree with you for the most part. But, I think it’s a matter of policy. Diversity, White Guilt, Representation v. Meritocracy. Where there’s no room for disagreement is why asians have it harder than whites to get into schools. You should read about negative action by UCLA law professor Jerry Kang:

    Lastly, “constant rejection from white girls” by you? If you’re talking about asian guys in general, a bigger problem would probably be that asian guys don’t approach white girls enough. If not, I think your loyal readers would like some stories 🙂

    Comment by dan — August 24, 2011 @ 9:38 am | Reply

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