Me and My Nine Iron

September 11, 2011

Fullerton cops beat homeless man to death

Two months ago, six Fullerton police officers beat a schizophrenic, homeless man to death, creating a local uproar made convenient from cell phone footage of the excessive force used. The news made national headlines for the second time in as many months and was just the latest in a string of police abuse in the city. In May, a Fullerton police officer stole an iPad at Miami International Airport and essentially claimed finders, keepers. This site records all of the abuse from the city police and shows that it’s the sixth case in nine months dating back to October 2010. (My favorite is the officer who farted on the unconscious woman’s face and said, “This ought to wake her up.”) Before that, there were no incidents in over five years.

So what to make of all this? The people are calling for the City Mayor to step down, the City Council’s in chaos and the Police Chief is taking heat. The only problem is these three “defendants” are all on the same side with an incentive to defend each other.

But above all that, it’s easy to point the finger at the leader, something we all seem to do so easily with our President. Instead, at a time where police departments have frozen new hires, I say clean house of all the officers with incidents; after talking with friends in the city, we all know and agree from our limited run-ins with the cops that certain officers are dicks with major power trips – the guys that ruin it for the honest, earnest officers.

They still haven’t released the names of the six police officers involved in the brutal hogtie, tasing and beating of Kelly Thomas, but from the video captured, it’s shocking that they haven’t been yet thrown off the force and an absolute calamity that they were only placed on administrative leave after the victim’s dad met with the Police Chief and Captain. After, the city offered $900,000 to be relieved of all liability for his son’s death. The CNN story here.

Thomas spent five days in the hospital before he was taken off life support. Here is a gruesome photo of his beaten, unrecognizable face in the hospital (WARNING: GRAPHIC). With an extended internal investigation, perhaps, the city’s waiting for the storm to pass over. But if those officers are allowed back on the force, here’s to hoping for some peaceful rioting.



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