Me and My Nine Iron

December 12, 2011

Asians in the news

Big ups to Ken Jeong for making his first sale back in October. Dr. Ken will star in and produce The Chung Factor, which “is about a nice guy who meets the girl of his dreams after being unlucky in love. But because he’s afraid of screwing up the relationship, he takes advice from an offbeat relationship coach, played by Jeong.”

I read someone comment that we haven’t seen the best of Ken, and I couldn’t agree more. And this script, which was on the 2005 Black List of best unproduced scripts, seems perfect in giving him the opportunity to showcase his comedic talents. Looking forward to seeing it and him as the lead on the big screen.

Asian girls in the library, Part II

A video went viral on Friday after an Asian girl was caught on tape blowing her lid at others being disruptive at a Cal State Northridge library.

Opinions are polarizing, and we don’t know what happened before this, but I think it’s safe to say given that she was on the other side of the room that these girls were doing more than “breathing loudly,” as the anonymous uploader claims was the problem. (“This is not my video.” Yeah, that’s why your friend is getting yelled at, and your voice is heard making wise-ass remarks, you bitch.)

The bottom line is a reasonable amount of quiet is expected in a library–she should not have been able to hear them from where she was sitting–and the Asian girl likely did others a favor by telling the girls to shut the hell up. Yes, a loud but brief confrontation is better than having those girls yap for hours while others are too afraid to do what the Asian chick did.

It’s funny because I have Asian friends still in school who bitch about loud people in the library–as race is an issue in this incident–but whether it’s an Asian commonality is irrelevant; people should just not talk as is expected in a library. It’s too bad we can’t see the rest of it, according to this hot chick who tweeted “it gets so much worse after the video ends.”


I was looking online for ear picks recently, and on Google’s front page was this video of two Americans who seem like they’re teaching English in Korea and post non-American products every week. (They have quite a following, with over 100,000 subscribers.) Well, I was absolutely stunned to find their fascination with ear picks, and until this video, I didn’t realize that Americans didn’t even know about them, let alone use them.

Many people have pointed out that the reason why Asians use ear picks and Americans use Q-tips is because of “different ear wax. Caucasian ear wax is waxy, and Asian ear wax is more dry and crusty/flaky. So for us soft fibrous cotton is best as latching onto the wax, while for them a hard spoon is best for scraping out the “wax.”

For those of you that didn’t know about the invention of the ear pick, get out from under that rock and pick up an ear pick (available at Asian supermarkets?). As doctors will tell you not to put anything in your ears because you’re just pushing the wax in, it’s the obvious choice if you absolutely must clean your ears just by the way the two are designed. The lights shown in this video are kind of gimmicky and an unnecessary feature and no, you don’t clean your ears with your friends but rather, by your parents. Just wow.



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