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January 10, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo review

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Long and good. Two words to describe David Fincher‘s works.

Seven of his nine features are over two hours long, and this is his fourth movie over 8.0 on IMDb. He knows how to make good cinema, and Dragon Tattoo is no different, along with his signature gray, twisted feel.

Rooney Mara is outstanding as a lesbian badass, but I have but two knocks on this movie. The first is the length. At 2:38, the first half of the movie was slow to pick up, and I was feeling detached from this slowly-unfolding murder mystery. It was amazing to see Mara and Daniel Craig‘s characters together for the first time at about the 75-minute mark.

The last, and much more concerning truth, is that this movie does not stand up on its own. Adapted from a Swedish novel, there are holes with some of the characters that prove fatal to the story when discovered. Not having read the Millenium series, I can assure you some names just don’t add up, which is unfortunate because it was really good otherwise.

Craig and Mara will be back for the next two films, but it is unclear when that will be or whether Fincher will come back. In 2009, Sweden came out with all three films, making the U.S. again look like a ripoff of a recently-made European movie. 2010’s Let Me In was a remake of 2008’s Norwegian Let the Right One In.

Box office results were also considered modest despite breaking the $100 million mark, but that’s probably because it went up against a $90 million budget that likely wasn’t required.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

IMDb rating: 8.2
What it should be: 7.2




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