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January 20, 2012

Fast food racism

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As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, there’s been two instances of racism towards Asians in a one-month period – both done via the receipt name at fast food joints.

Last month, a Chick-Fil-A cashier thought she was clever in putting “Ching” and “Chong” on two different receipts to UC Irvine students even though their names were never asked. Their Korean resident adviser who posted the receipts actually defended the company, saying that one individual’s behavior is not reflective of the company name, which was very mature of him to do.

And in New York last week, a Korean girl was named “lady chinky eyes” on her Papa John’s receipt, as if the cashier was to make no mistake of their intentions. Unfortunately, the Papa John’s manager defended the teenage cashier, saying that it was “a way to identify her and her order.” He went on to say:

“I think the lady put it out there just to get some attention — some people like that type of attention. I truly don’t think it’s fair. It’s been taking up all our time. It’s been very disruptive.”

If the restaurant owner, who said he was shocked and upset by the incident, hasn’t canned that manager, I hope Papa John’s steps in and takes the necessary action because no way in hell should “management” be condoning racist behavior towards its customers.

In a hilarious and witty furor to the incident, people then prank called Papa John’s asking for Chinese food to the point where it started to affect their business. Both cashiers were fired, and I guess it’s true to expect no less out of $8 an hour workers.

Sadly, there are still those out there, including three of the 49 most recent comments from both articles that say “get over it.” I can guarantee all of those people are white and not picking on white people, but as with any race, there will be those idiot few who feel that racism or what have you is completely acceptable and not a big deal. They’re detached from it because it doesn’t concern them and could never hurt them, as they’re the superior race in their eyes.

If you don’t like being called something (or if it’s politically incorrect) and I keep calling you that, you don’t think that would bother you? Show a little compassion. And for those that say go back to where you came from–and I did read a comment from someone saying that and was personally told that no more than five years ago (to China, mind you)–get the fuck outta here, you ignorant, bigoted fucks. The world isn’t big enough for you closed-minded, insecure losers to succeed in life.



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