Me and My Nine Iron

February 14, 2012

Slapped with semen slime

In December, James Cameron was hit with a lawsuit by Eric Ryder, who claimed that Avatar was ripped off from his story called KRZ 2068. Ryder was allegedly told by Lightstorm Entertainment that “no one would be interested in an environmentally themed science fiction feature film” but also told him that Cameron already had a scriptment for the project. Now why would he have a scriptment for a project that no one would be interested in?

It’s always easy to side with the studio, as it’s no surprise that Ryder has no credits to his name and looks like just another guy trying to make a quick buck off a highly-successful movie. But he better hope he wins this thing because he just ended any hopes of a career in Hollywood.

Anyone in the business will tell you they’ve heard the same story a thousand times no matter how unique you think it is. (And it’s so true. In one class, we all submitted loglines for input, and three consecutive loglines the instructor read were about cannibals. I mean what are the chances one out of the hundred students wrote about cannibals, let alone three in a row?) I want to know why it took exactly two years since the release date for the lawsuit to happen. Perhaps, to wait and see how much money the movie makes? Who knows what the real story is?

Two weeks ago, NBC decided to pull a segment shot last summer for Fear Factor where contestants were forced to drink full glasses of donkey semen and urine as part of a challenge. They had been mulling over the decision ever since they shot it, and they initially approved it but reneged when word got out on TMZ. The worst part is the contestants did it, and a previous episode aired in the time slot entirely.

First of all, how can you even think that that would’ve been okay? I’m surprised that a primetime network even had to mull that decision, let alone initially approve it. And do we have any sympathy for the contestants? An animal’s semen and urine? C’mon, you got to draw the line somewhere, and for some people, there is no line.

Jamie Oliver came over to the U.S. to attempt to transform the food industry like he did in the U.K., and in April’s season premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Oliver introduced the audience to pink slime – cow scraps mixed with ammonia to make 70% of all ground beef in the country.

Two weeks ago, pink slime gained national attention when McDonald’s announced it no longer uses it in its burgers. Sadly, Oliver met resistance from U.S. officials, and his show was canceled last summer after two seasons due to low ratings.

Check out the segment below:



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