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April 26, 2012

Umami Burger review

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I checked out this burger joint during grand opening week at its Costa Mesa location last month after validation from my sister, who recently tried it at an L.A. location. It’s located in the same plaza as The LAB Antimall on Bristol St. where there’s never any parking so I had to park a block away. (Sorry, Urban Outfitters.)

We went at 2p, and the groups waiting outside were still going strong. Fortunately, the turnover is quick so we waited about ten minutes for a table. It was cool they used an iPad to put our names down, and it’s something I’m surprised more restaurants don’t do. In the back where we ended up sitting, the tables are so close together you can’t avoid putting your ass or crotch in the adjacent table’s face when getting in or out. Lovely.

They have an appealing menu, as I got the Manly Burger ($11), which includes bacon, and Smushed Potatoes ($4.50) to dip into jalapeno ranch and dijon mustard sauces. The burger was deceptively small. Trust me, it’s not. Right off the first bite you can tell, in the words of Jules, “that is a tasty burger.” The unique sauces are something else, but at the same time, its downfall as I got full towards the end and got sick of the taste.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself with a good burger, I welcome its first O.C. location. But I would not pay $20 for a burger and a side; it’s one of those foods I just won’t pay that kind of money for.



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  1. […] crackin’, and the seating was a little more comfortable this time, unlike my experience at Umami Burger. The concept behind these restaurants is genius, and the opportunity is something to get excited […]

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