Me and My Nine Iron

May 3, 2012

Rapping dead

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Last month, Islands was giving away free Mavericks burgers ($11), which has BBQ sauce and their signature Island Reds, which are essentially fried onions. I was a bit apprehensive of taking the whole family (five of us) because most of us hate BBQ sauce–especially on our burgers–but it was hardly noticeable. Overall, a solid burger and a great outing in saving $55, despite the 45-minute wait for a table.

A couple weeks ago, my mom entered her first autoharp competition. I’ll be the first to say her dedication to her hobby is unparallelled. The week of the competition, she wouldn’t make me homemade yogurt. And that’s saying a lot. She felt she had a 50-50 shot at winning along with this other woman from the same studio where she practices.

Each participant plays two songs. My mom played a flawless first song. At the end of it, she had some outside enthusiasts nodding their head at each other in approval, the only one of the five participants I saw them do that to (there were eight total). But in typical Jeon fashion, she choked on the home stretch, messing up twice in the same spot and costing her the custom-made autoharp (valued at $2,500) to her rival by 0.1 points. Still proud of her.

I know it’s old in the internet world, but just wanted to share Tupac‘s visit to Coachella a couple of weeks ago. I know I would’ve been blown away if I saw that in person. Amazing technology, and cryptic ending.

It’s funny how Snoop Dogg had to stay to the side so it didn’t look like he would run into Tupac due to the hologram’s unpredictable movement.



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