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May 10, 2012

Lovelace review

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Seen at a pre-release screening in Los Angeles:

A great biopic about Linda Lovelace, the famous 70’s pornstar who starred

Disclaimer: She is never this hot at any point in the movie.

in the hugely successful porn film, Deep Throat. It was entertaining throughout, but it failed to have the “wow” factor and the ending might have been a bit abrupt. Same goes for the movie.

It tried to be more profound than it turned out to be, with the interweaving polygraph and interviews taken a decade later. Amanda Seyfried handles her Black Swan role well for the most part, but at times, her performance is a little awkward due to the porn film she acts in being deliberately cheesy as well as her character being a porn star. And for full disclosure, she shows upper frontal nudity throughout the entire movie. Not one to watch with the parents.

Two more gripes: casting choices and inaccurate portrayal of her life. This movie could’ve had a totally different look as initially, they had Olivia Wilde and James Franco as Lovelace’s husband and manager, Chuck Traynor. Thankfully, Peter Sarsgaard, who I thought outshined Seyfried and would be worthy of an Oscar nod, replaced Franco but Franco then took the role of Hugh Hefner. He’s only in it for one scene, as was Sarah Jessica Parker, who was my other casting choice I shook my head at, but it just ruined the chemistry of the movie – perhaps, simply due to their big names. Plus, I swear Franco’s high in every acting role now as well, and it shows. Dude can’t even open his eyes when he talks.

They implicitly portrayedDeep Throat as the first porn film Lovelace ever did, when in fact, that was not true. She had performed in a handful of scenes before that, including a bestiality film. (In her adult film career, she would also urinate on her partners, though I guess all of that can be dismissed with the argument that she was forced by Traynor.) The tragedy of her life was a one-sided account, but they could’ve made it worse if they wanted to by using Lovelace’s personal accounts of all the creepy stuff she claims Traynor did to her – peep at her in the bathroom to never give her any privacy, sleep on top of her and threaten her family, among other sexual acts.

As with other pairs in Hollywood, there’s actually a second biopic on Lovelace titled Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story set to come out next year. It actually began filming before Lovelace and most probably will pay for coming out second. I can’t imagine an audience wanting to see the same biopic twice, as this story also focuses on her relationship with Traynor. Malin Akerman and Matt Dillon play the two leads, and this is the one where Lindsay Lohan was in negotations to play the eponymous character.

Lovelace opens in theaters later this year (TBA).

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

IMDb rating: n/a
What it should be: 7.0





  1. As do I, my friend. As do I.

    Comment by BJ — May 11, 2012 @ 10:55 am | Reply

  2. Dude, I have such a thing for Amanda Seyfried.

    Comment by Anonymous — May 10, 2012 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

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