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May 17, 2012

That’s My Boy review

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Seen at a pre-release screening in Redondo Beach:

I had high expectations for this one, as it was Adam Sandler‘s first R-rated comedy since the dark comedy, Funny People in 2009. It didn’t disappoint. Outrageous in the way the plot got crazier as it went along like in Just Go With It, it should be the best IMDb-rated Sandler comedy since Punch-Drunk Love ten years ago – of course, the only Sandler movie no one’s ever seen. If not, then Sandler is eternally despised by critics who can’t stand his crazy voice, but even I’ll admit I don’t know if that was the best decision, albeit character-fitting.

It really pushed the envelope both vulgarly and controversially, and I applaud that. A lot of laughs. I’d put it on The Five-Year Engagement level, not 21 Jump Street, which remains the best comedy of the year. A nice return to form for Sandler, who had a handful of famous non-actors in this one: Rex Ryan as Sandler’s tax man, Vanilla Ice who plays himself as Sandler’s school friend and Ciara among others. Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Susan Sarandon and a slew of SNL alums, led by current SNL member Andy Samberg, round out the cast.

I tried to refrain from the .5’s in my rating, but I’ve wanted to use it for two movies in a row now so I felt the need to modify that. I’ll use it sparingly, if at all. But yeah, as much fun as it was, something didn’t sit right with me about the ridiculousness of it all to give it a perfect rating.

Sandler’s making a Grown Ups sequel for next year while director Sean Anders is penning a Dumb and Dumber sequel for the Farrelly brothers for 2014.

That’s My Boy opens in theaters on June 15.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

IMDb rating: n/a
What it should be: 7.0




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