Me and My Nine Iron

May 22, 2012

So long, Wiigdeikberg

I watched Saturday Night Live in full for the first time this season, just in time to watch several regulars perform on the show for the last time. Mick Jagger was host and musical guest for the season finale, and I swear some critics don’t even know what they want, chastising his monologue and comedic chops in the skits. I couldn’t disagree more. I was pleasantly surprised at the rock legend’s humor and thought his monologue was solid.

While Jason Sudeikis was among three rumored to leave following this season, it appears only Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg are definite, with the last skit being the former’s send-off. Unfortunately, and unlike some, I found the skit unemotional for those not on stage, uncreative and with a sense of confusion over whether Wiig’s tears were genuine. It was that awkward.

Samberg’s farewell to SNL was Lazy Sunday 2, and while his digital shorts are always entertaining, it didn’t have anywhere near the magic of the first one. Otherwise, I’m mostly in agreement over the best and worst skits, as reviewed here.

I always found Stefon–the gay city correspondent on Weekend Update played by Bill Hader–weirdly amusing, and while Hader’s classic fails at holding in his laughter weren’t as frequent, he had some of the most money lines I’ve heard from his character that night.

Even though I agree with the Al Sharpton skit arguably being the worst of the night, the teleprompter misreading was actually one of the few bright spots and garnered some good laughs. They should do it more often. “Al Sharpton lettuce.”

Pretty fun show overall.

Will Smith backhanded a television reporter at the Men in Black 3 Moscow premiere after the male reporter allegedly tried to kiss Smith on the lips. I guess I’m in the minority here because 81% of the almost 230,000 votes said he didn’t overreact – a still-surprising action from the always-upstanding superstar.

Love his wife’s reaction. But I wonder if he would’ve thought twice about doing that in the litigious-happy U.S.

Messed up, but I couldn’t not laugh at this.













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