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May 23, 2012

The Lazy Dog Cafe review

Filed under: Food reviews — BJ @ 5:15 pm

I had previously never heard of this place and was surprised to find they had ten locations; I went to the one near Angels Stadium on W Katella Ave. in Orange. Notwithstanding the name of the restaurant, I didn’t know they were a dog-friendly place. We decided to eat out in the patio since it was a nice day, and the waiters brought doggie bowls filled with water for the dogs. I didn’t know how I felt about a restaurant fostering an environment for dogs in the same area as patrons eating.

Sure enough, a pitbull was barking the entire time, and just as I took my last bite, a furry dog whose owner got up to leave, shook himself off and all of his fur floated in the air. A truly disgusting sight while eating.

The food was very run-of-the-mill American. I got a Baja California burger ($9.75), which was pretty good, but the fries were so unseasoned that I gave away the few I had after I finished my burger. And when you have bad fries, no matter how good the burger is, it sours your meal. That being said, the food really wasn’t all that bad, and for the price, I wouldn’t mind dropping in after an Angels game.

But one thing’s for certain: no matter the weather, I’m eating inside.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5




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