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February 2, 2011

New (and dead) music

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The White Stripes officially split up today. I never followed them, but they were one of the bands on KROQ I didn’t change the station on when their song came on – like Red Hot Chili Peppers. They had a handful of recognizable songs, positive reviews on all six of their albums, an interesting history and a successful career. In the spirit of music videos (and arguably, my favorite White Stripes song), here’s the most winning MTV VMA song of theirs, for which they received three VMAs for in 2002.

Two singles were officially released yesterday in anticipation of next month’s album releases.

Dr. Dre released his second single from Detox, which is to come out on 3/1. It’s known that Dre doesn’t write his own lyrics. Now, he puts songs on his album where he has one verse to Eminem’s two? This is an “Eminem featuring Dr. Dre” song. So disappointing. I almost want to boycott Dre’s albums, it’s unacceptable. In rap, you write your own shit. If you can’t do that, then stick to producing.

Panic! at the Disco is also releasing their third album on 3/29. It’ll be interesting to note that three members have left the band since their last album release three years ago, including their primary songwriter. Listening to their first single however, assures me that their ingenious lyrics haven’t taken a hit yet and that this two-man band, like The White Stripes, will be fine with the sweetness of Brendon Urie’s voice.



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